About Us

Times Publishing Group (TPL) is one of the premier media groups in Asia-Pacific highly regarded for its dedication to four core competences - publishing, printing, distribution and retail. With around 2,000 staff and a global presence in key cities in Asia, Europe, South America and the US, we strive to provide a complete value chain of solutions to consumers and business partners worldwide.

Our Mission

To build a collaborative community through consolidation and support from the individual expertise of each TPL Business Units. We have an ultimate goal to create a cohesive platform that reaches across all partners, suppliers, consumers and employees of your business.

We build and nurture our relationship with partners through our values, trust and collaboration. With the same values, we aim to be your leading office and school supplier. Bringing partners to you, and your business to our growing community.

Our Story

Office and School Solution catalogue has been meticulously curated to be the one-stop solution for your Work and School Needs. We foresee to eliminate the time-consuming processes such as the need for sourcing various work life necessities across multiple generations serving as one of the missing puzzle pieces for us to create a bigger picture with you and your business.

“if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford.

Lets move forward, together.